Why is there a set up fee for embroidered items?

Understanding the Artwork Set-Up Fee in Embroidery

When ordering custom embroidered clothing and accessories, you'll find that we, like so many others, charge an "artwork set-up fee." But why?

Design Digitisation:
Before embroidery machines can stitch a design onto fabric, the original artwork must be converted into a digital format compatible with the machines. This transformation is known as "digitisation." We use highly skilled professionals, known as digitisers, who meticulously recreate the artwork using specialised software. They map out each stitch, adjust the thread density, and optimise the design for the specific fabric and product.

Time and Expertise:
Digitising an artwork is a labour-intensive and time-consuming process that requires a high level of expertise and attention to detail. 

Trial and Error:
Embroidery digitisation is not a simple copy-and-paste procedure. The digitiser may need to experiment with different stitch types, angles, and densities to achieve the desired outcome. This trial-and-error process involves making adjustments and testing the design on various materials to ensure it appears as intended.

Good News Though - it's a One-Time Fee:
The artwork set-up fee is a one-time charge per design. Once the design is digitised, it is stored by us and can be reused for future orders. This means that subsequent orders using the same design won't incur an additional set-up fee, making it a cost-effective option for bulk or repeat orders.

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