Caring for your Embroidered Clothing

Washing and Caring for Embroidered Clothing

Embroidered clothing is a durable and premium choice for your team wear. However, to ensure the longevity of embroidered garments, proper washing and care are essential.

Here are our top tips to help you maintain the quality finish of your embroidered clothing.

1. Keep Cool: Make sure you stick to a cold wash cycle with gentle detergent and be sure to avoid the tumble dryer!

2. Treat Stains with Care: If you encounter a stain on your embroidered clothing, avoid using harsh chemicals or strong stain removers, as they may damage the delicate threads. Instead, opt for mild stain removers or try spot cleaning with a mixture of water and gentle detergent.

3. Drying the Garment: Lay the embroidered clothing flat to dry. Avoid hanging as this can distort the shape and strain the embroidery. Instead, lay it flat on a drying rack or a clean towel away from direct sunlight.

6. Iron with Caution: Ironing embroidered clothing should be done with care. Turn the garment inside out and place a thin cloth or pressing cloth over the embroidery to protect it from direct heat. Use the lowest heat setting and avoid steam, as it may damage the threads.

7. Proper Storage:  Store garments in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Avoid hanging embroidered garments for extended periods to prevent stretching.

8. Avoid Harsh Chemicals: Perfumes, deodorants, and hair sprays contain chemicals that can harm embroidery over time. Apply such products before wearing embroidered clothing to minimize direct contact.

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